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Nancy Rubin Stuart

Nancy Rubin Stuart

It was a surprise and a privilege to be named co-chair of the Boston branch of the Women’s National Book Association this June. A surprise because I did not seek the office and a privilege given the venerable history of WNBA’s founders who rallied for the right to sell books three years before passage of the 19th Amendment.

In May I participated in a panel at the Massachusetts Library Association Conference with three other WNBA authors to explain our interest in speaking before library book clubs. Many librarians had not previously considered the idea, though after our talk all agreed it seems like a natural “marriage.” Another benefit of the panel was informing our audience about WNBA, its history and the services it can provide to readers, writers, editors, and librarians. The experience once again proved the importance of the face-to face promotion we do.

Still more inspiring was my attendance at the WNBA National Convention this June in Detroit where I joined twenty-five representatives from our nine sister chapters across the country to deliberate on membership concerns, new chapter formation, the National Reading Group list, and preliminary plans for our 100th anniversary celebration in 2017!

Here in Boston we are looking forward to an exciting year beginning on September 22nd with a Yankee Book Swap, followed in October with a panel at the Boston Book Festival, our traditional Holiday Tea in December, and so much more.

As the author of seven nonfiction books about women and countless newspaper and magazine articles, I am thrilled to join our literary community of women (and now men) and hope to serve you well.

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Since 1954, the Boston Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association has brought together women and men in the world of books. Avid readers have met their favorite authors, aspiring novelists have found agents, job seekers have obtained leads, and lifetime friendships have been formed.

Our mission is to initiate meaningful connections among the New England book community (publishing professionals, reading groups, writers and academics, and anyone else who loves books) by providing a range of forums for interaction, including events that educate, entertain, and inspire.

We also aim to promote equality in the world of arts and letters by helping mentor young women interested in writing and publishing and by raising awareness of the professional challenges still extant for women striving to enter the business of books.

Nancy Rubin Stuart and Lynne Byall Benson
Boston Chapter Co-Presidents

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